Ex Vocalist of Meet Uncle Hussain

Ex Vocalist of Meet Uncle Hussain, Lan or his full name Azlan is now with his new band project named Azlan & The Typewriter has released their 1st single entitled 'Kelibat Si Penyair' on August 2009. This band really goosebumped me as the voice is totally mesmerizing. No other singer here in Malaysia got such a mesmerize voice like Azlan. If you never listen to this band, do listen to their great music and the great voice. I cannot categorized their music, simple to say, I can say their music as new breath of rock.

Yuna sing Oh Chentaku Song

Remember the girl name Yuna I mentioned in the last post? This is Yuna again and she sang a song by Oh Chentaku, damn really nice!!!

Liyana Jasmay

Who do not know with Liyana Jasmay, the small cute actress who now became a singer. Liyana, who is already talented in acting now trying his luck in singing, It appears that she is talented in all areas of art.


Commercial Name: Liyana Jasmay
Real Name: Liyana Binti Jasmay

Date of Birth: March 28, 1988
place of Birth: Kuantan, Pahang
Siblings: The youngest child of four siblings
Status: Single

Education: Diploma In Performing Arts (Sunway College)
Career: Actress, Model, Singer
Official Website: www.liyanajasmay.com